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Graphic Design | Photography | Drawing | Illustration | Environmental Design

 Includes branding & identity design projects and campaigns for non-profit organizations, and the Smithsonian Institution. Also features school related requests of customized products.

Features personal projects and event photography that has been displayed in mutliple juried exhibitions across Maryland, New York, and DC Metropolitan area. 

Exhibits large charcoal drawings spanning six feet in length. Shown in galleries in Maryland, these drawings captivate you, blending realism and views of extreme perspectives creating a surreal atomosphere.

Features quick yet realistic colorful and fun digital illustrations of real life everyday people. The combination of line work and color blend the boundaries between caricatures and fine art portraits.

Features both architectural and environmental design projects that addresses cultural, social, and community issues pertaining to the urban environment. These projects emphasize innovative design solutions that merge green architecture and environmentally friendly materials  creating structures that consider the relationship between human functionality and urban behavior. With this combination, explore design that is applicable systematically and asthetically to the urban environment. 

Innovate, Design, Character


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